Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome To Our New Food Blog

Yes, it's true. Helen and I are in cahoots on a new food blog. I know, it's madness and craziness - kind of like east meets west - but it will be fabulous, awesome and all that is truly brilliant rolled into one little blog. There's bound to be a little bit Helen and a little bit Annie and a whole lotta simply good food. (Hey, there's even going to be stuff Kat can dish or a chicken can cook or..well, you get the picture.) Feel free to send us a request for a recipe you'd like to see posted, or maybe you need an idea of what to cook to impress the neighbors your having for dinner. You only like to cook simple, good tasting dishes? No problem. We're all about simple and easy and we never forget the good taste! Got a cooking question? We'll be the Dear Gabby Abby of food.

So, join us on our culinary journey of sorts as we cook our way through bloggerdom. I guarantee there will be some good eats goin' on!


  1. Oooooo, I'm no Kat. I'm not even a chicken. But I'll be reading!

  2. Looks so professional! I'm proud of both of you! Hope it will include some ZANY stories from Lucy and Ethel!

  3. Just wait Sherri..you're going to read all about my affairs...oh, and zany of course.

    Steph, I will be posting recipes from all of my spaghetti westerns (snort)!