Monday, November 23, 2009

Mom's Turkey Stuffing and Broth

Today is your lucky day! I have decided to share my mom and dad's (they worked on it together for years to perfect it) turkey stuffing. Up until now, the only ones blessed with this recipe besides myself has been anyone who bought the Church Cookbook last go around. Now, I give it to the world! Bon Appetite, and start drying out the white bread now.

Mom’s Turkey Stuffing
3 cups of rice
10 eggs
1 loaf of Buttermaid white bread, minus 3 slices, dried and cut into cubes
1 Large onion, fried until golden brown
1 ½ cups of turkey broth (I guess I should include the recipe for thism huh?)
Salt, pepper, and paprika
Cooked turkey stomach, liver, and gizzard, from the turkey broth, chopped.

Mix the rice, eggs and bread together. Add onions and cooked stomach, liver and gizzard and mix. Add Turkey broth ½ a cup at a time, until the stuffing reaches the moistness you desire. Add salt, pepper, and paprika to taste (the stuffing MUST have a nice pretty orange color in order to make sure there is enough paprika in it). Stuff inside the turkey.

Mom's turkey broth is made with the wings, neck, and stomach liver and gizzards from the turkey. Of course you rinse them before putting it on a high fire with your chosen soup veggies and about two quarts of water. When you get a brown foam at the top, start skimming it off. Keep skimming the foam, even when it becomes white foam. Now cover it, and put it on low on a back burner for about three hours, and you'll have turkey broth and boiled innerds for your stuffing. You can also eat the broth with noodles or rice before your turkey dinner.

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