Friday, February 20, 2009

Next week I start a psuedo ecoatkins diet. I am going semi vegetarian. What is semi vegetarian? Well, I will still eat chicken and fish, but only maybe once a week. True ecoatkins dieter are completely vegetarian, but want the benefits of the atkins diet. I couldn't be further from vegetarian. I like eatng meat. Yum. However, my thyroid is acting up again, and I read that a semi vegetarian eco atkins diet will help to rejuvenate it. I say it couldn't hurt, right. So I am coinciding my efforts with Lent. Probably not the most appropriate use of Lent, but maybe I can dedicate the extra energy to something particularly spiritual, and then all things come out even. Anyway, I know this is a recipe blog, but I thought I'd catch you up on why I may be posting recipes different from the usual fare.

I really can't wait to try these flourless brownies.
Black bean brownie recipe.


  1. I am so gonna try those brownies... can't tell Phill the real ingredients till after the fact though! And this ecoatkins diet sounds interesting- I've never heard of it.

  2. Wow Helen, good for you. I'm going to post a recipe for chicken that I made this week. It has a bit of flour, but it is actually very low cal/carb. Also, I have a smokin' awesome recipe for Teriyaki salmon - if you'd like that one too.

  3. Tereiyaki Salmon sounds wonderful!