Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Polish Sausage Stew

Okay, time for another easy crock pot recipe. Sorry, with mom being in the hospital, that's what i am making lately. And with canned foods no less! Sigh. Life's a beachball...

One package of Polish Sausage, sliced (I used Hillshire Farm)
4 medium potatoes, diced
1 package of frozen green bean, thawed
1 small onion, chopped
1 can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup

Spray container. Pour in ingredients and stir. Cover with lid and cook on low for eight hours. A little soupy, but not bad to come home to at all.


  1. Yum!

    Okay, I don't like green beans. Yes, I'm a big baby. Do you have another veggie idea I could sub in that might be good?

  2. Marni,
    Any veggie would work. I used green beans because we do like them. Just make sure they are thawed first. I think I've had something similar with peas instead of veggies, and tomato soup instead of cream of mushroom.