Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prayerfully Pasta?

I am a Catholic (in case you didn't know). And a conservative one at that. I love the Church, and therefore couldn't resist an opportunity to share with you all Grace Before Meals. No, I don't own the book. YET! I am so planning on getting it though. I will even review it right here on this blog. (I heard the collective "OOOOOOOOO" as I typed that, so thank you). Until then, take a peek at these videos.

We are in the Easter season until Ascension Thursday, which is obviously forty days after Easter. That means you will want to be making the white sauce. Red sauce is for Pentecost.
I love the Easter Season!


  1. I love this guy/Father! Does he have a TV show? Where and when does it air?

    I want the book too. He is adorable. How fun.

  2. Grace Before Meals. is in production right now, but PBS has shown some interest. Father Leo asks people to sign up for his newsletter to show PBS that people are genuinely interested in the values his show promotes, so I did.